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Module Offers Real-Time Reporting to Manage Labor Costs and Scheduling Under New Health Reform

Red Book Connect's HotSchedules has announced the release of its ACAdvisor module, aimed at helping employers successfully manage schedules and preserve employee hours, while controlling labor costs under the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate.
The ACAdvisor module is the first solution of its kind to offer restaurant and hospitality businesses a solution to track, manage and monitor ACA employment statuses and execute a cost-effective labor strategy in real-time through efficient and intelligent labor scheduling.
The new module comes at a time when many large employers are anxious to get a system in place to deal with the Employer Shared Responsibility Provision commonly known as the Employer Mandate, which requires businesses to “Play” by providing full-time employees health care coverage options or “Pay” hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties if they’re not compliant.
The restaurant industry has raised concerns about how the Employer Mandate would impact business-as-usual, largely because they employ variable hour employees, instead of the traditional 9 to 5 work hours. Among the biggest challenges is the change to the definition of a full-time employee, which was reduced from the long-standing 40-hours to 30-hours per week.
With the ACAdvisor module, managers will be able to view part-time and full-time statuses, measurement, administrative and stability periods, as well as hourly thresholds right from HotSchedules, so that they can make real-time decisions about schedules and ongoing shift trades.
The ACAdvisor module works frictionlessly with the HotSchedules’ POS-Integrated version and includes:
Custom ACA Configuration: Ability to set company-wide measurement, stability and administrative periods, designate administrators and measure employees over a look-back period.
ACA Status Management: Ability to set full-time, part-time and new hire statuses and get access to alerts to make status adjustments in real-time.
Scheduling: Ability to use up-to-date employee data - including scheduled versus actual hours worked visible in the scheduler - to generate schedules that align with ACA statuses and labor strategy.
Reporting and Monitoring: Ability to see the most up-to-date full-time and part-time employee mix, analyze workforce data during look-back periods to make status determinations during admin periods and view historical changes to employee statuses.
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