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Mobility Influences Restaurant Choice

As consumers expect and demand more mobile interaction with brands they support, it’s becoming increasingly important for restaurants to identify mobile strategies that will resonate with their customers. Fortunately, it seems as if restaurants are doing so. Hospitality Technology’s 2016 Customer Engagement Technology Study, reveals that tableside ordering is gaining momentum among restaurateurs. When asked to reveal projected adoption rates for 2017, 36% of operators revealed they plan to deploy tableside ordering via guest devices and 43% plan to enable tableside ordering via staff mobile devices.

For those who doubt return on investment for such rollouts, the study also queried consumers on what technologies influence their restaurant selection. Their responses are telling – as the majority place high importance on mobile functionalities.

More than half of guests at dine-in restaurants (53%) say the ability to self-order at the table would influence their choice of restaurant. When looking at delivery or take-out, the majority of diners (76%) say mobile ordering impacts their decision.

Mobile features such as these afford great convenience to guests. In addition, restaurants must be prepared to let customers dictate the level of interaction they want with a brand or server. Offering mobile ordering options will no longer be a nice-to-have, it will be a must-have to remain competitive as the age of the digital consumer is upon us.

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