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Mobile Tools to Lead 'Charge' in Qualcomm Stadium Staff Responsiveness

The National Football League's (NFL) San Diego Chargers have selected Versatile's SyncSeer Venue Management Solution running on Motorola CA50 VoIP-enabled wireless bar code scanners to help enforce the NFL's Code of Conduct. Committed to creating a safe, secure and pleasurable experience for all fans, both in the Qualcomm Stadium and in the parking lot, the San Diego Chargers will utilize the mobility solution to ensure fans attending games will enjoy the experience in a responsible fashion.

"It's critical that we provide our fans with the safest and most enjoyable game-day experience possible at Qualcomm stadium," says A.G. Spanos, executive vice president of the Chargers. "We selected SyncSeer Venue Management and the Motorola CA50 to increase our quality of care by increasing staff efficiency and significantly reducing response times to security, medical and other incidents."

The mobility solution from Versatile Systems and Motorola provides the real time visibility, interactivity and responsiveness needed to manage these incidents and the necessary reporting for large public facilities, like Qualcomm Stadium, in a safer and more efficient manner. By leveraging the SyncSeer Intelligent Event Processing engine running on the Motorola CA50, the system delivers a scalable and flexible approach to handle rapidly occurring security and medical situations, while providing a full historical log of what transpired.

SyncSeer utilizes Wi-Fi real time location services to give an overview of every employee's position in the facility, in addition voice attachments can be sent as part of a request to provide extra location and event detail that make this information really useful. Automated and highly configurable workflows reduce the drain on Command and Control Centers by routing requests directly to the correct employee or group of employees.

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