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Mobile Payment Integrates with Real-Time Feedback at POS

Tabbedout has expanded their partnership with the restaurant point-of-sale (POS) company Future POS. This new partnership means that the Tabbedout merchant marketing solution, Periscope, is now available in the 4,000+ Future POS merchant locations that use the Future Fusion software in their restaurants, bars, and hotels, and will be available in all new Future Fusion POS installs and system upgrades.
Tabbedout was built for merchants that want to generate revenue growth for their business and create a more secure and customer-focused guest experience. Tabbedout merchants will have access to Periscope, which gives them unrivaled visibility into who their customers are, how often they come in, and their purchase history. This marketing solution is seamlessly integrated into the Future POS system and complements its advanced reporting functionality. Periscope gives merchants an ability to instantly respond to customer feedback in real time, while they are still in venue and create unparalleled marketing campaigns delivered to their customers' Tabbedout mobile app.
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