MicroTouch Launches All-in-One Touch Computer Family for Windows OS Platforms

a screen shot of a computer

MicroTouch  expanded its all-in-one touch computer family, including a 15.6” and 21.5” supporting the latest as well as legacy Windows OS platforms.

The ultra-modern and durable touchscreen computers are designed for seamless integration, empowering retailers, restaurateurs, hospitality merchants, and more to deliver a superior customer touch experience with the latest POS applications that enhance brand image. The product family rounds out the MicroTouch all-in-one offerings to cover the major operating system platforms (Windows and Android).

The all-in-ones’ ultra-modern design aesthetic, with slim bezel, edge-to-edge touch surface, and sleek stand, offer merchants attractive products that support self-service applications, such as self-check-in and check-out, online ordering, signage, self-ticketing, and more. Additionally, the all-in-one touch computers facilitate quick, efficient, and reliable touch transactions that boost the customer experience in retail, hospitality, restaurants (QSR/fast-casual), fitness, and healthcare.

Combining high-powered processors and premier CPU support provides merchants with the functions and performance needed for the latest POS applications. Four all-in-ones in the series (IC-156P-AW2, IC-156P-AW3, IC-215P-AW2, IC-215P-AW3) are powered with 7th generation Intel Core i3 and i5 processors. The solutions include a built-in USB-C port that drives power, touch, and video connection in one cable to a second display for seamless integration. These commercial-grade, all-in-one computers are designed for optimal performance in everyday use and bridge the gap between experiences using consumer devices and technology in-store. With each touch, they allow merchants to enhance interactions and create more memorable brand experiences. 

The new all-in-one 15.6” and 21.5” touch computers with Windows support are available  from MicroTouch’s authorized distribution partners BlueStar and Metropolitan Sales. The models include the IC-156P-AW1IC-156P-AW2, IC-156P-AW3, IC-156P-AW4IC-215P-AW1,  IC-215P-AW2IC-215P-AW3IC-215P-AW4.


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