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Mews Launches Metrics that Matter Report

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Mews, a cloud-based property management system, has launched a new report, Metrics that Matter, focused on how hoteliers and hospitality professionals can leverage data to run operations more efficiently and effectively.

"The most valuable guest is the one that a hotel has for a lifetime, but none of the traditional metrics reflect this fact," said Richard Valtr, Founder of Mews. "The industry focuses too readily on metrics tied to the room - for example, ADR, RevPAR, and Occupancy - but these blinker perspectives. There's so much opportunity for hoteliers to completely rethink spaces and services offered to guests, if the guest becomes the primary success metric. Metrics that Matter highlights the ways future-driven hoteliers should shift their thinking."

With so much data available to general managers, owners and team members, it can be difficult to understand what to focus on and how to leverage that data into insights or relevant touchpoints. The report breaks down the running of a hotel into three distinct areas - operations, revenue and marketing - and guides the modern hotelier in how to make informed business decisions.

The continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic means that hoteliers must run operations more efficiently than ever with the resources now available. With that in mind, the report looks at how hospitality professionals can leverage technology to automate many processes and communications so that team members running the day-to-day can focus on priority one: the guest.

Filled with examples and case studies from some of the world's leading hotel brands, it's not just Mews who are the ones who are demonstrating this shift in thinking. Brands who are embracing the future, expectant guest, are shifting perspectives away from the traditional metrics to focus on KPIs set to future proof the success of their hotel operation.

"The pandemic has accelerated this shift in thinking," continued Valtr. "But what I love is that we're seeing hoteliers take action through the technology they implement. As guests begin to return, they are going to be more demanding than ever before, and it's time that hospitality meets these expectations. It's an incredibly exciting moment for our industry."


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