Meraki Takes Enterprise Wireless Line into the Cloud

Meraki, an award-winning wireless networking company, today launched the Meraki Enterprise Wireless local area network (LAN) product line. The new line represents a breakthrough cloud-based approach to wireless networking, and enables Meraki to offer a premium-featured Wireless LAN at less than half the cost of solutions from traditional vendors. The products are ideal for businesses with anywhere from 50-5,000 employees who seek premium wireless features, but do not want to dedicate the IT staff and budget required by traditional solutions. The line consists of the industry's first cloud-based controller, the Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller, and Meraki's new high performance 802.11n wireless access points. The Meraki Enterprise Wireless LAN product line will be unveiled for the first time at Interop Las Vegas 2009, May 17-21 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

The Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller makes setting up a wireless network as easy as plugging in the access points and watching them self-configure over the Internet. Managing a Meraki wireless LAN can be performed by an IT professional with any level of expertise thanks to the Cloud Controller's intuitive, Web-based management tools. Customers also receive the latest premium wireless features, such as automatic radio frequency (RF) planning, quality-of-service (QoS) for voice and video, security with 802.1x authentication, and the ability to create multiple virtual-LANs on a single physical network. Meraki also features an industry first: the ability to manage multiple geographically distributed networks from a central location.

Meraki's Enterprise Wireless LAN product line also features two new 802.11n access points: the single radio MR11 and the dual radio MR14. Both enable wireless networks that are faster than many wired networks: the MR11 is capable of 300 Mbps and the MR14 boasts 600 Mbps, compared to the standard 100Mbps wired connection in many offices. The access points can serve heavy concentrations of users and are ideal for high-bandwidth content like voice and video.
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