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Meltwich Expands With the Right POS

Meltwich products

Meltwich is a grilled cheese franchise concept that launched in Ontario, Canada, in 2015, crafting inventive comfort food using premium ingredients.   “Meltwich started as a grilled cheese-focused chain but expanded its menu to include various cheese-based offerings, including cheesesteaks, poutine, and burgers with melted cheese,” says Tom Mavrou, COO & President, Meltwich Hospitality.

The Challenge

In addition to innovative menu items, Meltwich is committed to leveraging technology to streamline operations and service. When the brand sought to expand into the U.S., Meltwich knew it needed a strong tech partner. “The primary challenge in the U.S. is the high technology expectations of American consumers,” notes Mavrou. “The operational technology in Canada sometimes lags, especially in terms of compliance issues. In the U.S., the market is more aggressive.” 

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The Solution: Givex

Givex, a leading point-of-sale (POS) technology provider, has a history of empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions. With a strong track record in streamlining operations and providing businesses with the flexibility they need to thrive, Givex's innovative approach to technology has made it a trusted partner for brands looking to enhance their operational efficiency.

Meltwich was uniquely positioned for success due to its prior investment in Givex's point-of-sale technology. This technology had already streamlined operations across Meltwich's 50+ locations throughout Canada, offering the brand not only operational efficiency but also flexibility in choosing third-party solutions that aligned with their needs.

“Givex has been a valuable partner for us,” says Mavrou. “They listen to our needs and are open to our suggestions. We've used Givex for our point-of-sale (POS) system, which has been very helpful. They've assisted with third-party integration, and they've even developed their own integration. We're utilizing Givex's kiosks, video cameras in the kitchen, and plan to use their online ordering, marketing software, and app in the future. We see Givex as a one-stop shop solution for our business needs.”

The Results

  • Streamlined Operations: The right POS system enabled Meltwich to manage various aspects of their business effectively, from inventory to workflow. This operational efficiency was vital for their expansion into the U.S.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Meltwich used their POS data to analyze system-wide sales, identify top-selling products, and refine their menu to better suit the American market. Real-time data access and regularly scheduled reports empowered them to make quick system-wide adjustments. “With Givex, we can work closely with our franchise partners,” notes Mavrou. “We have real-time data at our fingertips to help us determine the right times of day to stay open, optimize our operations, and make informed decisions.”
  • Online Ordering Integration: The rise of off-premise dining necessitated seamless integration between the POS system and delivery platforms. Meltwich's integration of GivexPOS with their chosen delivery platform ensured they didn't miss any orders, all while avoiding common integration fees.
  • Reliable IT Support: Partnering with Givex provided Meltwich with 24/7 tech support, easing the challenges that come with rapid growth and expansion into a new country. This support allowed the Meltwich team to focus on growth.
  • Preparing for the Future: Meltwich demonstrates how innovative technology can provide brands with the data, streamlined services, and flexibility needed to enter the competitive U.S. market.

About Givex

The world is changing. Givex is ready. Since 1999, Givex has provided technology solutions that unleash the full potential of engagement, creating and cultivating powerful connections that unite brands and customers. With a global footprint of 128,000+ active locations across more than 100 countries, Givex unleashes strategic insights, empowering brands through reliable technology and exceptional support. Givex’s integrated end-to-end management solution provides Gift Cards, GivexPOS, Loyalty Programs and more, creating growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes and industries. Learn more about how to streamline workflows, tackle complex challenges and transform data into actionable insights at 

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