McAlister’s Deli Franchisee Increases Order Speed, Accuracy


With 80 McAlister units in six states, Saxton Group will upgrade to QSR Automations'  ConnectSmart Kitchen to tap real-time dining data that targets improvement areas for customer satisfaction. 

However, extremely small industry margins necessitate constant monitoring and evaluation by restaurant management. “There’s not a lot of meat on the bone for improvement,” said Saxton Group VP of Operations, Stephen Lee. “We are trying to find pennies and fraction of pennies within the restaurant industry; constantly looking for the areas where a little here or there can make a difference.”

Before transitioning to the latest version of CSK, Saxton Group had been unable to uncover those crucial improvement areas without access to real-time data. With this software upgrade, the Dallas-based Saxton Group will now see improvements in these key areas:

Enterprise-level reporting — moving from a delayed reporting process to real-time

More ticket display options — addressing off-premise dining increases by making packaging and labels more guest-facing

Increased order speed and accuracy — cutting order time by using an on-the-fly model with order entries and enabling a kitchen call-out for certain modifiers like gluten-free or nut allergies

Ticket text modification — ability to increase font size that aids in guest order pickup.

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