Luxury Resort Adds Efficiency with IP Phone System

In the resort industry, it’s all about the little things. Nuanced touches of luxury remind patrons they’re on vacation. While a modern IP phone system isn’t as flashy as chocolates on pillows, cocktails with tiny umbrellas or a basket of hot towels, the efficiencies and functionalities it offers are more important than all of the above.
London Bridge Resort, the 122-room resort hotel situated on 110 acres along the Colorado River and scenic Lake Havasu, made the decision in the last year to replace its existing, outdated phone system with a new Mitel MiVoice Business system from Frontier Communications.
The resort needed more options in the resort’s phone system, including:
Connecting the system to staff email accounts
Connecting a central system with all resort operations
Special functionality for housekeeping
Robust features for guest wake up calls and messaging
None of these features existed when London Bridge Resort installed its previous system. The new phone system, installed in late summer 2015, has all of these features. Multi-connectivity allows front-end operations to seamlessly link to back-end services. New occupancy metrics allow management to streamline staff scheduling and capacity analysis. Before guests even arrive at the hotel, the Frontier upgrade allows every potential guest call to be electronically routed to a real human being, so new callers are treated personally by staff.
Once guests arrive, blocks of rooms can be cordoned off in the system, so wake-up calls and other messaging can be synchronized for wedding parties and other groups. For example, a bride and groom can request their entire wedding party be messaged simultaneously to join cocktail hour, ensuring everyone remains on the same page throughout the big day.
London Bridge Resort has cited increased financial and internal communication efficiencies post-installation, including fewer missed business opportunities due to the new call routing system, and faster room turnaround because of interconnection between housekeeping and the front desk.
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