Luxe Worldwide Hotels Monitors Traveler Ratings with BUZZ Report

Luxe Worldwide Hotels and Avalon Report Corporation announce that they have entered into a preferred agreement for the unique portfolio, empowering Luxe Worldwide Hotels to monitor their online traveler reviews and ratings with the Avalon BUZZ Report.

"The growing trend of guest reviews posted on various travel related websites has an undeniable influence on travel plans, and now, our member hotels will take a responsible stance regarding their guest 'buzz', equipped with an easy to use solution to frequently monitor their social content along with their competitors, " says Eve LeGrand, Vice President of Luxe Hotels Worldwide. 

Avalon BUZZ Report's data visualization software helps identify strengths and vulnerabilities in the market by charting and analyzing competitive threats and a subscriber's own presence on the most valuable sites available, namely those embraced in the consumer-driven reservations stream.

"We love the intuitive reports that offer an 'at a glance' format, rich with graphics and scorecards. The reports can be disseminated throughout the departments of our hotels and engage each associate in understanding the traveler's point of view," concludes Le Grand.
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