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Loss Prevention Restaurant Software to Attack $8.5B Restaurant Fraud Problem

Avero, restaurant software that drives profits, announced today the launch of Avero Loss Prevention, an innovative solution designed to detect and thwart abnormal transaction behavior, fraud, and theft in restaurants. Based on over 14 years of industry experience, Avero Loss Prevention is built on the industry's most intelligent analytics engine and combines innovative multi-level analysis with seven patent-pending fraud watches that alert restaurateurs of abnormal and fraudulent activity daily.
Current products on the market focus on check-level detail to provide fraud analysis. Avero Loss Prevention monitors checks but also analyzes employee patterns, peer comparisons, and historic trends to highlight and rank order employees with the most alerts. Managers can quickly understand where to prioritize their time on investigation. Plus, the solution has comprehensive communication tools built right in to ensure proper accountability and documentation of cases that are created.
To date, over 20 restaurants, hotels, and casinos across the country are already using Avero Loss Prevention. Beta customers have reported achieving ROI positive results within the first four months of using the product and have changed policies, procedures, and controls because of it. Read more about Avero Loss Prevention and ways to combat restaurant fraud.
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