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London Restaurant Used 3D Projection to Offer Guests Unique Storytelling Experience


According to, Le Petit Chef, a London restaurant, is using technology to offer guests a unique dining/storytelling experience. The restaurant offers guests a 90-minute show titled Le Petit Chef – In the Footsteps of Marco Polo. It takes diners on a Silk Road-inspired culinary tour where a tiny 3D chef and his culinary journey is beamed onto the table using high-definition projectors hidden in lampshades above the guests. Throughout his journey, the 3D chef cooks for guests a variety of virtual food which is then turned into real food with waiters carefully placing dishes and table decorations to fit around the animated scene. The food served reflects the virtual creations of Le Petit Chef as he experiments with the new ingredients he encounters on his travels. For example, an amuse-bouche in France is followed by traditional Arabian fare served with edible sand.

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