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Logan's Roadhouse Uses New Platform to Deliver Predictive and Actionable Workforce Analytics

OutMatch, a solution provider that applies predictive analytics and workforce data to help companies hire, retain, and develop great talent, is transforming talent selection and employee development with the launch of a new platform. The OutMatch platform delivers predictive and actionable workforce analytics – the data companies need to build a workforce that drives customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and business success.

The new OutMatch platform generates analytics through scientifically proven candidate assessments and 20 million assessments processed annually at over 200,000 locations. Armed with robust selection of pre-built profiles and benchmarks across job categories and industries, companies can predict candidate success on the job, measure the impact of hiring, and continually refine and improve their hiring process to drive productivity and profitability.

Along with enriched analytics, the new platform provides streamlined functionality that simplifies the recruiting process for both companies and candidates. HR professionals are up-and-running quickly with seamless integration that typically involves a mere point-and-click, enabling them to establish a consistent, repeatable data-driven process that drives better outcomes. With enhanced features and access to assessments on a mobile device anywhere, at any time, candidates can complete assessments in just 8 minutes – 3 times faster than the industry average.

Designed to meet the needs of HR professionals, the OutMatch platform is easy to set up, easy to use, and delivers data that is easy to understand. It features three modules – OutMatch Assessment, OutMatch Interview, and OutMatch Development – and a number of new and enhanced features, including:

  • Infographic Candidate Report. Details a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses at a glance.
  • On-Demand Interviewing. Drives meaningful behavioral interviews across an organization.
  • Candidate Shortlisting. Immediately identifies the best candidates for the job.
  • Employment Brand Toolkit. Communicates corporate culture to prospective candidates.
  • Employee Fast Start. Boosts new hire performance and engagement.

“OutMatch takes the guesswork out of hiring, which benefits our peace of mind as talent professionals and our bottom line as a company,” said Bill Streitberger, Chief People Officer at Logan’s Roadhouse. “With even better data to assess candidates, we can be confident we are hiring the right employees to best serve our customers and support our business objectives of revenue growth and profitability.”

OutMatch provides the measurement, insight, and impact companies need to make better hires. Working with large, decentralized organizations with high-volume hiring needs in the hospitality, restaurant, retail, healthcare, and property management industries, OutMatch clients include recognized names such as American Airlines, Aspen Dental, Brinker International, Circle K, Esurance, Hyatt, and La Quinta.

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