Lodging Interactive Launches Touchless Digital Menu System for Restaurants and Hotels

Lodging Interactive a provider of full-service social media marketing and guest reputation management services, announced the launch of MyMenusOnline, its new touchless digital restaurant menu system. With MyMenusOnline restaurant guests simply scan a tableside QR code or NFC tag to view the restaurant's menu on their own mobile device. The system is meant to replace traditional printed menus and eliminates concerns in potentially passing germs between in-house dinning guests handling the same menus.

"The new normal has us all concerned with the cleanliness of everything we interact with and touch, especially when it comes to restaurant dinning," said DJ Vallauri Founder and CEO of Lodging Interactive and commingle:engage.  "Our research indicates that consumers prefer the ability to view restaurant menus on their own mobile devices over the handling of physical menus which may not have been properly sanitized between dinners."

MyMenusOnline is managed and updated by the dinning establishment via any mobile device, tablet or desktop PC. All changes are pushed out to consumers in real-time, ensuring  "daily specials" are always up to date.

MyMenusOnline is 100% web-based and mobile optimized and there is no need for any app download. Consumers scan a unique QR code or NFC tag and automagically the restaurant menus appear on their devices. Consumers can also save restaurant menus to their mobile device home screens for future access.

"According to a recent COVID-19 report published by the National Restaurant Association, restaurant operators that are getting ready to reopen will need to consider how they operate under much stricter sanitary guidelines," said Vallauri.  "Some industry experts are calling for one-time-use disposable menus, which is sure to increase the operating costs for restaurant owners. With MyMenusOnline, we take that cost out of the equation."

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