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Lighthouse Cove Resort Adopts Latest in Guest Wi-Fi Connectivity by Partnering with Hotel Internet Services

 Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced its implementing of a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network upgrade at the Lighthouse Cove Resort. An oceanfront timeshare property located in Pompano Beach, Florida, Lighthouse Cove Resort provides its guests with all of the amenities that make for the ultimate beach vacation, including scenic views, an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub and tiki bar. By ensuring that each guest can now also receive a fast and seamless Wi-Fi connection for their devices, Lighthouse Cove Resort is further able to guarantee high satisfaction rates and an uninterrupted resort stay experience.  


After recently upgrading the resort's ISP service in an attempt to address guest issues with slow internet speeds and dropped connections, Lighthouse Cove leadership determined that the root of the issue lay with the fact that the resort required an extensive network infrastructure upgrade. With parts of the resort constructed as early as the 1950s, several solution providers that resort leadership initially contacted offered little guidance over how an older facility could successfully address common connectivity challenges. The resort ultimately decided to partner with HIS due to its unique industry-specific expertise and ability to provide a working strategy for each network issue. This included utilizing the latest in Ruckus access point technology, with access point devices placed within strategic areas to ensure a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal throughout all areas of the resort. Since the upgrade, resort personnel are able to report a consistent level of at least 500 Mbps in bandwidth around the property, with accounts of guests experiencing connectivity issues now virtually non-existent.

"Our timeshare resort frequently caters to guests who are working while on vacation during the winter months while in the summer we have families with children that stream and play online games, so it has always been a vital priority for us to deliver a Wi-Fi service that meets today's standards," said Mark Lisby General Manager at Lighthouse Cove Resort. "HIS thoroughly impressed us from the very beginning by proactively coming to us with a plan on how to resolve our challenges and by keeping us updated on any issues that came up during installation along with how to overcome them. Even after the implementation phase, HIS continues to demonstrate its commitment to unmatched quality by providing outstanding support, including communicating directly with guests to resolve any troubleshooting concerns."  

Setting HIS further apart from competing providers is the ability to offer immediate 24/7 customer support for an array of connectivity needs to both property personnel and individual guests. Services offered to ensure that guest satisfaction remains high includes providing assistance with Wi-Fi card driver configurations, enabling VPN connections and ensuring seamless access to email servers, along with much more. With HIS further providing 24/7 network monitoring services, Lighthouse Cove Resort can additionally be assured of its ability to deliver the highest standard in Wi-Fi service performance at all times.

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