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LG Introduces New Line of Outdoor LED Signage

LG Business Solutions USA has introduced a new line of high-brightness outdoor LED Signage displays designed to capture the attention of passersby at various locations including arenas, stadiums, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, schools, transit centers, hotels, and more. Featuring standard pixel pitches ranging from 3.9mm to 16mm, the six models in the GSCA Versatile SeriesGSCC Essential Series and GSCD Ultra Light Series are built for vibrant outdoor viewing with seamless webOS control, remote diagnostics and failover protection.

“These three new series give our installers and end users options to meet their specific needs,” said Dan Smith, vice president, business development, LG Business Solutions USA. “And thanks to LGs webOS system controller, these displays, as well as other LG commercial display technologies, can be controlled and monitored from one central location – creating a true ecosystem of controlled devices.”

Specifically, the GSCA Versatile Series allows users to combine 1:1 (500 mm square) and 2:1 (500mm x 1000mm rectangle) cabinet options to create custom displays that can best fit customer needs. Because the cabinets come equipped with open frame construction, modularized data and power, comfortable carrying handles and hand actuated locks, installing and dismantling this 5,000-nit LED signage display is simple and requires no additional tools – making it an ideal solution for rental and staging applications. The two GSCA models each feature an IP65 front/rear rating and are available in 3.9mm and 4.6mm pixel pitches.

Engineered for ease of assembly, quick maintenance and customizable screen ratios, the GSCC Essential Series comes in three pitch sizes: 6.66mm, 8mm and 16mm. Like its counterpart the GSCA, the GSCC is also a solid option for rental and staging professionals, boasting the same simplified installation and dismantling mechanisms. A separate power and control unit design also simplifies maintenance.

The cabinets of the GSCC series can be assembled to configure virtually any screen size including 16:9, 8:9 and 4:3, enabling customers to customize their LED Signage display according to their specific installation needs. The 6.66mm and 8mm models are capable of 5,000 nits of brightness, while the 16mm boasts a striking 8,000-nit brightness level. All three models come IP65 front-rated and IP54 rear-rated.

Rounding out these new outdoor models is the lightweight, 10mm pixel pitch, IP65 front and rear rated GSCD UltraLight Series, giving installers and end users additional options when weight is a concern. The lightweight cabinet, significantly reduces the weight load when a large LED Signage display is installed. The display’s power and control units can also be removed, making maintenance easy.

The front and back of each series cabinet is IP rated for outdoor use, enabling stable operation resistant to weather and harmful outdoor environments. For ease of maintenance and serviceability, each series offers either front or rear access, allowing customers to choose installation options based on the application environment. They’re also protected by failover technology that automatically rolls over to a 16GB internal memory, in the event of a media player failure. The failover alternative itself could be made up of individual files, a URL or even a separate media player being pulled from another port.

Supporting these new models are the optional LG ConnectedCare program, which offers additional remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, LG’s ExtendedCare Plan for added peace of mind and LG’s Quick Swap program that reduces downtime. All three series have an optional 90-degree corner design feature that makes it possible to display content around corners.  

“LG is not just focused on the hardware. We are committed to providing total solutions. Our experienced LED Signage team is ready to assist our reseller and end user customers with developing their LED Signage solution – whether it’s outdoor or indoor,” Smith emphasized. “From consulting all the way to the installation, we’re engaged throughout the entire project cycle and are ready to assist at a moment’s notice.” 

For more information about LG Outdoor LED Signage displays, click here. For high-res images, click here

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