LG Air Conditioning Technologies Debuts Connectivity Suite

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA has unveiled a Connectivity Suite with new integration capabilities that offers hoteliers and building owners the flexibility to use their preferred hotel thermostat brand when installing LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. This enables direct, seamless integration of data with control options that are compatible with LG’s award-winning HVAC systems.

Expanding integration to the most preferred hospitality thermostats available, LG delivers a control solution that is compatible with the company’s highly efficient VRF systems. LG’s industry-leading VRF technology minimizes efficiency losses, provides sustainable energy savings, and offers flexible design options, along with the ability to deliver simultaneous heating and cooling. LG’s new intelligent integration provides greater access to the efficiencies of LG VRF technology without sacrificing flexibility, preference or performance. Connectivity Suite was designed to meet the commercial needs of customers in a variety of sectors like hospitality, as well as long-term care, retirement communities and military housing.

“LG’s Connectivity Suite reaffirms our commitment to delivering the maximum benefits of VRF to hotels and other multi-unit installations,” said Carl Barnard, director of control solutions, LG Air Conditioning Technologies. “Whether new construction or retrofit, LG’s collaborative and open approach to data integration enables hospitality customers to manage their properties and VRF systems sustainably and conveniently.”

LG’s Connectivity Suite includes wired and wireless integration with some of the most popular hospitality thermostats on the market. By expanding integration options, the LG Connectivity Suite offers better operation and management of the individual occupant space, enabling building operators to offer guests the convenience of adjusting their room comfort preferences via hotel loyalty program smartphone apps or in-room thermostats. Additionally, it gives property managers the ability to preset preferences for occupants to maximize the guest experience or control the temperature and humidity of unoccupied rooms for their own cost benefit.

LG’s collaborative approach with leading suppliers in the hospitality sector has enabled a number of open connectivity solutions, including the first open Zigbee™ (HA1.2/Z3.0) wireless integration with the industry-leading LG Multi V™ 5 indoor unit. The Zibgee Dongle is easily connected to any Multi V 5 indoor unit and provides a secure wireless solution to compatible third-party thermostats or IoT devices. Hoteliers and developers benefit from lower installed cost, which is key to the financial viability of retrofit projects.

LG’s Connectivity Suite offers multiple wireless and wired solutions, including a wired Modbus™ option to LG Multi V 5 indoor units, enabling digital information exchange and adjustment of key comfort parameters. 

The new Connectivity Suite joins LG's groundbreaking portfolio of building management solutions and controls that provide building owners and operators with full flexibility and visibility, improving building efficiency and performance and empowering them to optimize their operations. For more information on the complete portfolio of LG air conditioning solutions and controls, visit lghvac.com.

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