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LEVL Releases Device Intelligence Platform for Hospitality Network Industry

LEVL Technologies, Inc. today released its LEVL-IQ™ device intelligence and identity platform, which resolves issues caused by MAC address randomization which poses challenges to the hospitality network industry, while offering intelligence and insights on all devices in the network. As the need for consumer privacy has increasingly pushed device and OS manufacturers to incorporate MAC address randomization into their products, hospitality network providers have had to evolve to ensure an optimal guest network experience. The platform ensures guest privacy while delivering a seamless network experience, maintaining revenue and limiting technical support costs.

The LEVL-IQ platform, now available in beta, balances the issues of privacy and security, along with personalization, so guests experience a high-performing, secure Wi-Fi network that does not require the capture of personally identifiable information (PII). Easy to implement, the platform has a low total cost of ownership and does not require guest involvement, with no apps or identifiers to download to the guest device. Across the first one million verified connections in multiple hotels, accuracy is greater than 99.5%, demonstrating it is proven technology that solves a growing issue.

"As an early development partner, we have been working with LEVL for six months and the results of the testing at our hotel properties have been positive," states Todd Shobert, CTO, Safety NetAccess. "To date, we have more than one million guest connections that have been verified with accuracy and key metrics, exceeding our initial expectations and the direct needs of the market."

The rising use of MAC address randomization in devices is reaching a critical level. With approximately 60% of smartphones currently using these schemes, and consumer demand for privacy continuing to grow, the impact goes beyond the hospitality industry. The LEVL-IQ platform is also ideal for Wi-Fi networks in other industries as well, including multi-dwelling units (MDUs), municipal spaces, senior centers, universities, sports arenas, and more.

"The impact of aggressive MAC address randomization in device OS releases will be disruptive to digital engagement, authentication and network management services," said Blaz Vavpetic, CTO of Single Digits, Inc. "Our early work with LEVL will allow us to quickly leverage the technology in Single Digits PlatformONE™ solutions for our customers across the hospitality, MDU and transportation sectors we serve." 

The LEVL-IQ platform is designed to ensure user privacy is respected, while at the same time enabling guests to have a seamless Wi-Fi experience with appropriate personalization. "At LEVL, our primary mission is to provide a balanced approach for network operators who care about privacy, convenience and security of devices on their networks," said Dr. Daniel Zahavi, co-founder and CEO, LEVL Technologies. "The LEVL-IQ platform relies on technology specifically designed to provide network users with connectivity that is convenient, dependable and trustworthy."

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