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LANCOM Systems Debuts New Hotspot Solution for Hotels

LANCOM Systems, a German manufacturer of networking infrastructure solutions, is expanding its WiFi portfolio with a new model based on 802.11ac technology. An innovative antenna design allows the LANCOM LN-630acn dual Wireless to offer much longer ranges than conventional models. Hoteliers and restaurateurs can set up high-speed WiFi guest networks while investing less because they need fewer access points.

The LANCOM LN-630acn was developed for operation in modern buildings. It has a matt-white housing and LEDs that can be turned off to allow it to blend discreetly into the environment.

The access point fulfills a major requirement in hotel and catering: Being able to offer WiFi to the guests. The LANCOM Public Spot option upgrades the LN-630acn to a high-performance WiFi hotspot. It also integrates with hotel management systems such as Micros Fidelio and protel.

Its five antennas (3x3:2 MIMO) are discreetly integrated into the housing and provide longer ranges for WiFi clients in the 5-GHz frequency band. The access point remains fully backwards compatible to earlier WiFi standards such as IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, so that older devices in the 2.4-GHz frequency band can also benefit from fast WiFi.

The new access point has been engineered for a long service life. Updates of the LANCOM operating system LCOS are available free of charge several times per year and keep the WiFi technically up to date for years.

The LN-630acn offers the possibility to build completely secure isolated networks for guests, employees and management and is equipped with extensive security features, including full IEEE 802.11i with WPA2 and AES encryption, and IEEE 802.1X/EAP (WPA2 Enterprise). It operates either independently or managed by a LANCOM WLAN controller. From Q1/2017 it will also be possible to manage the device via the LMC. The LMC enables the automated configuration and management of entire networks by means of software-defined networking technology, which eliminates the need to manually configure individual network components.

The LANCOM LN-630acn dual Wireless is available as an economical 10-piece bulk package. It is supplied without a power supply unit.

A drilling template allows for easy installation on walls, ceilings or on any flat surface. Power can be supplied via the network cable (IEEE 802.3af). An optional mounting plate provides anti-theft protection.
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