Lancemore Crossley St. Hotel Partners With Liveport to Meet Guest Expectations for High-Speed Wi-Fi

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Liveport, a leading provider of internet services and IoT-based technology, has today announced its successful deployment of a high-speed internet network at Lancemore Crossley St. Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. A trendsetting 114-guestroom property that combines both the glamour and grit of Melbournian culture, Lancemore Crossley St. can now also solidify its reputation as a modern and technologically advanced hotel by being able to cater to guest priorities for seamless and hassle-free online access.

Centrally located between Melbourne’s Theatre District, Chinatown and several of the city’s most renowned restaurants, Lancemore Crossley St. provides its guests with an ideal opportunity to experience Melbourne’s vibrant cultural atmosphere. Yet even with the presence of amenities that mirror the city’s charm such as an art deco-inspired lobby bar and curated guestrooms, hotel leadership recognized the importance of adopting a high-speed guest Wi-Fi service to safeguard the property’s reputation and ensure high satisfaction rates.

As part of a $10 million project to redevelop the original Graeme Gunn building where Lancemore Crossley St. is located, Liveport was selected to implement the hotel’s network due to its industry-specific expertise, access to the latest technology and reputation in providing exceptional service. Despite several obstacles and cabling issues that may often arise with older buildings, Liveport was nonetheless able to implement a cost-effective network capable of ensuring high-speeds and reliable connectivity for all onsite areas. This was partially achieved using Liveport’s skills in installing advanced Ruckus access points within strategic locations to guarantee a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal for all guest devices.

“Everyone now more than ever relies on technology during their daily lives so when developing our hotel, we knew that we wanted to provide the best possible Wi-Fi service that meets with virtually any guest expectation,” said James Sharrock, General Manager at Lancemore Crossley St. Hotel. “This has become especially true with the growth of content streaming and web-based meetings, however thanks to Liveport, we are fully confident in our hotel’s ability to accommodate even the most bandwidth-intensive online behaviours. Liveport has been able to ensure outstanding connection quality in every corner of our hotel and with its responsive 24/7 support services, we look forward to maintaining consistently high rates of satisfaction should any performance-related issue suddenly arise.”

To continue providing Lancemore Crossley St. guests with the highest quality Wi-Fi, Liveport constantly monitors the network for any lapses in performance. This allows the company to swiftly identify and implement a solution before guest experiences are negatively affected. With 24/7 Liveport support also available to guests, Lancemore Crossley St. can further sidestep a range of guest connectivity troubleshooting issues without having to involve onsite staff.

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