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La Corsha Hospitality Group Migrates Accounting System


La Corsha Hospitality Group (LCHG) has implemented Aptech Computer Systems’ PVNG Enterprise Accounting System across 10 properties.

The Austin, Texas-based company converted from Aptech’s Profitvue hotel accounting software to web-based PVNG to enable remote accounting operations and greater financial reporting flexibility. La Corsha operates a mix of managed and owned properties across Texas that includes hotels, restaurants and a multi-city parking company.

 “We converted to PVNG Enterprise Accounting because LCHG wanted a web-based system that could handle its varied mix of hotels and restaurants with the flexibility of remote operations. PVNG does this for us very well,” said Roberta McKenna, regional controller with La Corsha Hospitality Group. “Aptech converted our chart of accounts seamlessly from Profitvue to PVNG for all our companies. In our custom financial statements, the function I find particularly valuable is PVNG’s ability to drill down into each number showing transactional level detail. The transparency this provides us gives confidence to owners and managers while making answering questions quick and easy.”

PVNG hotel accounting software also lets operators easily define user roles and system access to limit staff interaction with functions not necessary for their roles. “It is important to control what the staff sees and doesn’t see within the system. We all play different roles within the organization. PVNG lets us grant individual staff access to certain modules they need for their level of work.  We are able to segregate duties by role, so our Accounts Payable staff is limited to our Accounts Payable Module,” McKenna said. “This is very important to auditors. By limiting staff access, we’ve created a control mechanism whereby we are not only reducing risk, but each person can work more efficiently with reduced errors. We have the ability to change access levels as a staff member’s knowledge and responsibility increase and their role expands or changes.”

 McKenna noted that PVNG’s multi-company functionality is important to La Corsha. “Texas has unique reporting requirements that PVNG’s flexible financials comply with easily. Also, since PVNG is web-based, many of our staff members can work remotely, me included. This increases productivity. We originally installed Aptech’s Profitvue because it is hotel-specific. Aptech’s excellent support and industry knowledge were part of the reason we upgraded to PVNG. Its team responds to our questions and system refinement suggestions quickly. Aptech’s personalized professional service is exceptional and highly valuable to our operations.”

Aptech is a provider of hospitality business intelligence, budgeting and forecasting, and enterprise accounting hotel software systems. Click here for more on Aptech’s products and services 

Aptech Computer Systems is both an IBM and Prophix Business Partner offering Execuvue web-enabled Business Intelligence, Targetvue Budgeting and Forecasting, and PVNG Enterprise Accounting systems that are 100% hospitality specific.

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