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Kitchen Brains Announces POS Partnership with NEC

Kitchen Brains has announced the addition of NEC Corporation of America to its POS (Point of Sale) Partnership Program. The partnership between the companies now gives current NEC customers the ability to seamlessly implement Kitchen Brains® Quality Production Management (QPM), thus providing full coordination and visualization of food production processes.

Current QPM customers looking to change POS vendors will now be able to partner with NEC in order to integrate a complete kitchen management solution. With more than 40 years experience, NEC’s quality POS solutions enable the world’s largest retailers and restaurants to maximize performance and profitability by boosting store performance, reducing operating costs and facilitating quick and efficient services for both single- and multi-store operations.

Kitchen Brains’ QPM system is, essentially, the brains of a smart kitchen. In effect, the kitchen thinks for itself, constantly monitoring and analyzing market conditions and restaurant operations automatically to improve performance. QPM provides sales trends data that enables just-in-time inventories of all menu items and integrates legacy technology to provide a comprehensive enterprise solution.
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