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Jet's Pizza Experiences Growth with New POS Tech

Jet’s Pizza, the seventeenth largest pizza chain in the nation, with a current store total of over 250 locations, continues exponential growth with point of sale partner Revention. Jet’s approved Revention as a POS provider in August of 2011 and since then Revention is now being used in more than 100 Jet’s locations. The chain has enjoyed consistent growth within the pizza segment for years and plans to continue that growth by implementing new technologies such as online ordering.
Revention’s online ordering solution, HungerRush, grows more dynamic every day within Jet’s operation. It is currently providing online ordering services for over 80 Jet’s locations, with more coming online weekly.  Jet’s locations using HungerRush have generated over 220,000 online orders in the first 7 months of 2012, touting a notable $21.51 check average compared to the in store check average of $16. Many Jet’s franchisees are using Revention’s Enterprise Mobile App to stay connected with the stores’ vital statistics during the business day.  

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