Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

  • 2018 Industry Outlook

    HT advisors look ahead to reveal top IT goals, plus predictions on what buzz-worthy tech will shape hotels and restaurants in the year ahead.
  • 5 Ways to Create a Smarter Kitchen  

    From new cooking equipment and Bluetooth temperature controls to robot assistants, restaurants ramp up kitchen tech to improve customer service and operations.
  • Data Helps Restaurants Battle Profit Loss

    Restaurants turn to analytics to detect and prevent fraud with insight-based loss prevention tools.
  • The Guestroom of the Future: Hyper-Personalized, Hyper-Connected

    From hardware controlled by mobile apps to mirrors broadcasting yoga routines, hotel guests will be treated to high-tech, personalized in-room experiences.
  • Hospitality: Back to the Future

    I am more of a ‘90s kid (shudder – grunge) than an ‘80s kid (so much cooler – Gremlins); nevertheless, I was old enough in 1985 to feel kind of lied to by Michael J. Fox once 2015 rolled around. Where are the flying cars, McFly?
  • 2018 New Tech Showcase

    Hospitality Technology's annual New Tech Showcase is the must-read supplement that covers new hardware, software and services for the lodging and foodservice industry. Download the 2018 New Tech Showcase for more information on these innovative solutions.
  • Are You Ready for GDPR?

    The European Union (EU) will enforce the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) starting on May 25
  • “Best in Class” Hotel CRM

    Sands Resorts leverages six strategies to centralize guest and marketing data into one customer platform to personalize communication, drive revenue, and build guest loyalty.