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iRiS Launches Digital Menu App

iRiS Software Systems has introduced a new digital menu F&B Suite application. The F&B app has recently been adopted by Kempinski Hotels who trialed the application and saw an increase in wine sales of 46% per cover. 

Consisting of Wine, Bar and Menu, the application is fully branded according to guidelines and is designed to impress guests by bringing restaurant menus to life. Restaurateurs and food & beverage managers can currently download the generic iRiS F&B app by visiting:

iRiS will be launching a new product to the market at the IHMRS, called iRiS F&B Lite. This  will be a more basic version of the full iRiS F&B suite, and will still offer an impressive service but at a reduced cost. Hotels, restaurants and bars can decide what suits them best, and select options that are appropriate to them.

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