Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid to Enter The RendezVerse

Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid meeting space

Web3 technology is creating new ways to market and monetize hotels which has led The Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid to agreed terms to work with the team at RendezVerse to bring to life the vision of where the industry is headed in an effort to save our most valuable assets, time, money and the planet. 

RendezVerse is building a community in the metaverse for the hotel and events industry, bringing together buyers, venues, service providers and event specialists inside digital twins of some of the most iconic venues and hotels in the world. RendezVerse will enable meetings, site visits and eventually events in the metaverse, through the use of VR technology. The RendezVerse Development Project aims to work with industry leaders across the sector to bring their vision of a corporate metaverse to life. 

An urban gem, in the heart of the city, The Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid and its team make meetings and social events a breeze. Spanning 197 sq.m. the property offers four distinct meeting and event spaces including a rooftop lounge, all equipped with hi-tech features to ensure seamless functions. As such the Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid is the perfect vehicle to showcase the capabilities of the RendezVerse.

The combined teams will bring the Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid to virtual life allowing event planners to not only visit all aspects of the venue but also plan their bespoke concept to the most finite detail from decor and menus to presentation formats and schedules, all from the comfort of their own desk. 

RendezVerse Founder and CEO, Peter Gould said; “With any new platform, the industry must adapt. We are confident that this partnership, through close relations will ensure a seamless transition. Troubleshooting and testing are going to be a huge part of perfecting the system and with the Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid we have the perfect case study. We are delighted to be embarking on what is a historic step in the future of events.”

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