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HTNG Charters Four New Workgroups

HTNG said it chartered four new workgroups: Centralized Authentication, Hotel Systems Dashboard, Hotel Technology Renovations Management and Open API. HTNG workgroups address a specific business problem and then actively work toward an end deliverable or solution for the problem. Each new workgroup is stated with their end result below:
  • Centralized Authentication Workgroup: produce a Wi-Fi Authentication technology framework to map the business needs of a hotel brand against the various available technologies that provide solutions for each individual business case.
  • Hotel Systems Dashboard Workgroup: define the requirements for a comprehensive dashboard system, ranging from high-level system information to detailed technical data required to troubleshoot issues with hotel systems.
  • Hotel Technology Renovations Management Workgroup: create a best practice to ensure that hotel renovations minimize delays due to technology upgrades, ensure projects are completed within budget and create a technology plan for the new hotel space.
  • Open API Workgroup: define and support an infrastructure standard for sharing an open source set of libraries containing common and advanced interoperability functions for purposes of enabling rapid development and testing of integration between technology partners.

"HTNG workgroups are building momentum and our members are coming together to build seamless authentication systems, a modern API approach, a centralized systems dashboard and a streamlined approach to hotel technology renovations projects," said Patrick Dunphy, CIO of HTNG. "Hospitality technology professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of core systems and processes by leading these groups."

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