HTNG Announces Two New Workgroups

HTNG announced two new workgroups: Next Generation Messaging and Open Application Program Interface (Open API).
“We are looking at both of these efforts to modernize and radically change the way systems interrelate,” said HTNG CEO Mike Blake.
LinksRez President Brian Bell says, “We are excited of these two new workgroups being launched and look forward to supporting and contributing to them.”

Next Generation Messaging will point to address the future of open standards messaging. In the world of APIs, mobile apps and the need to maintain and enhance full-service applications, messaging needs are diverse. This workgroup aims to review the options available in the open standards market, and then determine the best path forward for HTNG to meet the current and future needs of our members and the industry as a whole.
“There are many solutions that can prosper from this workgroup,” says HTNG Web Services Architect Sandy Angel. “One vision looks to find a single solution in the form of an object model in order to generate messages in any number of languages, but the workgroup will ultimately decide its focus.”
Compared to other industries, hospitality is burdened by inefficiencies specific to how business systems communicate with each other. Open API will concentrate on modernizing the approach to opening APIs in order to deliver similar efficiencies recognized by other industries. This workgroup is vital in establishing benefits of decreased complexity, concise lead times and the ability to draw on a larger pool of available talent and vendors.

Micah Friedman, Sr. Director, Travel & Hospitality for Cognizant (CTSH), summed up both efforts, “Interoperability is the lifeblood of the hospitality and travel eco-systems. By curating standards that address the deeper needs of the hotel community, all concerned stand to benefit with tremendous value and decreased risks.”

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