HTNG Announces New Platinum Plus Program for Members

Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) announced its new Platinum Plus Program for members. The program will begin 2017 and will allow members to arrange private meetings with the HTNG Board of Governors either face-to-face or via teleconference. The program is available to Platinum members only; however, corporate and corporate start-up members are eligible to upgrade their memberships to participate in this program.
Face-to-face meetings will be 60 minutes and teleconferences will be 45 minutes. The HTNG Board of Governors consists of 22 CIO’s and other senior executives from hotel companies around the world and represents over 2.5 million hotel rooms globally. Presenting to these individuals provides an significant opportunity to companies new to the industry, companies with a new solution or companies interested in brainstorming new approaches.
There are a maximum of four (4) spots available for selection in 2017 (combination of face-to-face and teleconference). HTNG will secure spots on a first come, first served basis.
For more information, visit HTNG’s Platinum Plus Webpage.
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