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How Technology Improves Fan Engagement, Experience on Game Day

From cashless concessions to interactive promotions, technology can help venues create a more immersive, personalized and convenient sporting event experience.
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By understanding fan behavior and preferences, venues can plan ahead, creating personalized experiences that will better resonate with their audience.
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The stadium experience has always been about more than just the game. It's about the atmosphere, the community and the shared excitement of being part of something bigger. With sporting event attendance finally bouncing back post-COVID, there's a growing need amongst venues to enhance fan engagement and ensure the stadium experience is as positive and enjoyable as possible. Whether it's the thrill of ordering food from your seat or the joy of sharing a game-winning moment with friends, technology is stepping up to the plate, transforming the way fans interact with the game and each other. 

Integrating Technology for an Immersive Experience 

In the modern era, technology is no longer a mere convenience — it's an essential part of our daily lives. The ubiquity of mobile devices in particular has opened new doors for fan engagement. Stadiums are now leveraging this connectivity to offer fans a more immersive and exciting experience through dedicated mobile apps. These apps are not just about checking scores or watching replays. They are comprehensive platforms that augment every aspect of the game day experience. 

Cashless Concessions and In-Seat Delivery: Many stadiums are now investing in tech platforms to offer cashless concessions and in-seat delivery, allowing fans to enjoy the game without interruption. Fans can browse menus, place orders and pay for concessions right from their seats. No more missing crucial moments while waiting in line – everything is at their fingertips. 

Interactive Rewards and Promotions: Stadiums are also leveraging technology to create interactive rewards. By targeting specific sections or rows with specialized promotions, venues can create excitement and encourage fans to spend more, resulting in increased revenue overall. 

Real-Time Customer Service: Technology also enables real-time customer service, allowing venue operators to address concerns immediately. For example, when it comes to ticket management, tech platforms can allow fans to purchase, transfer and even upgrade tickets, providing a hassle-free entry experience. 

Analyzing Data for Personalized Engagement 

Technology’s evolving role in sporting events is not just about creating conveniences for fans on the day of the game — it can also be used by venues as a data analysis tool. 

71% are leveraging data gathered via the POS for digital engagement, according to HT's 2023 POS Software Trends Report

By understanding fan behavior and preferences, venues can plan ahead, creating personalized experiences that will better resonate with their audience.

Tracking Spending and Tailoring Promotions: By analyzing historical spending patterns, venues can curate targeted promotions that appeal to specific segments of fans. If fans frequently buy a particular type of beverage, for example, a timely promotion for that beverage can create a sense of personalization and appreciation. This data-driven approach ensures that promotions are aligned with fan interests, surprising and delighting guests to increase engagement and drive repeat visits. 

Mapping Customer Behavior: Understanding how fans interact with the physical venue also allows operators to cultivate a more enjoyable environment. For example, data can drive insights to help venues optimize the relationship between where a concession stand is located and which fans should receive personalized promotions for those concessions, further enhancing the overall fan experience. 

Meeting the Evolving Needs of Fans 

Today's fans want more than just a game — they want an experience. They want to feel connected and part of the action. Technology is meeting this need by providing a virtual camaraderie that improves the game day experience. 

Enhancing Connectivity: With the rise of social media and mobile devices, today’s stadium experience extends beyond physical boundaries. Attendees want to stay connected even while enjoying the game. With strategic in-game promotions, these tech programs help stadiums and entertainment venues interact with fans while on premise to increase engagement and drive concession revenue. 

Creating a Community: Technology also fosters a sense of community among fans. Whether it's through in-game social media interactions or virtual fan zones, technology creates a shared experience for those in the stadium. Venues can also organize collaborative experiences like crowd-sourced cheers, synchronized light shows or fan-voted in-game decisions to create a collective experience that unites fans in a shared purpose and excitement. 

Drafting a Playbook for the Future 

The integration of technology into the stadium experience isn't just a curveball in the game — it's a whole new league. From cashless concessions to personalized promotions, technology is transforming fan engagement and, as sporting event attendance continues to grow, its role in the game day experience will only become more vital. 


About the Author

Alain Levasseur is the Vice President Implementations - Core Services at Givex. He has been with the company for more than ten years in various capacities, with a focus on managing and coordinating projects and teams, change management and developing vendor and customer relationships.


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