How Technology Can Enhance Employee Satisfaction


Every day, we read about hospitality companies implementing new technologies to enhance the guest experience and differentiate themselves. However with employee turnover at 74 percent, we need to value the employee experience just as much as the guest experience. Like with the guest experience, technology can augment employee satisfaction 

Attracting The Best-Fit Employees - Who Will Be Satisfied Employees 

We often focus on what we can do to enhance existing employee satisfaction. However 1 in 2 hourly workers hired leave in the first 90 days. Hiring the best-fit candidates is a big driver of whether they will be satisfied as employees. While we often think of technology as a way to simplify the hiring process, it can help both sides assess ‘fit’. 

A few ways companies are using technology to attract the best ‘fit’ employees include: 

  • Conversational chat-bots: While chatbots are often used to screen candidates, they can also answer FAQs that help a candidate assess whether the position or company is the right fit for them even before applying 
  • Day in the life videos: Provide a quick 1-3 minute video for potential employees to watch during the hiring process so they get a sense of what the position will entail; and whether it is what they’re looking for 
  • Artificial intelligence based assessments: Video based AI - from providers such as HireVue and Pymetrics - is being used to evaluate candidates on attitudinal characteristics that can help determine cultural fit - while giving candidates more flexibility about when and where they ‘interview’ 
  • “Shift to hire”: Companies have introduced platforms for employers to fill unfilled shifts with qualified on-demand workers. In addition to solving a staffing need, this can also be a great way for the worker and employer to assess if it’s mutually the right fit.

Engaged Employees = Happy Guests

Studies estimate the cost to replace an hourly worker can approach $2,000. While hiring the right fit employees reduces churn, hospitality companies must better engage their existing employees. Given managers are often over-stretched, technology can help augment the employee experience. 

A few examples of how technology is enhancing satisfaction include: 

  • Community:  57 percent of hourly workers say their coworkers have the most influence on their job satisfaction.While hiring the right fit employees is critical, online communities - which can be as simple as a Facebook group - can be a way for employees to foster conversations. This isn’t meant to be a way to vent, but rather a way to deepen the sense of connection 
  • Shift Swapping: 43 percent of hourly workers report getting less than a day’s notice about shift changes - which can be frustrating. In addition, 30 percent want more hours. To address, Walmart recently introduced an app that allows associates to manage and change their schedules as needed 
  • Online Training: Career development is one of the main drivers of job satisfaction for Gen Z. Access to online training - whether job specific or through platforms like Coursera that offer free courses - can complement manager coaching and traditional development programs by providing employees the flexibility to learn when and where they want 
  • Guest Self-Service technologies: From mobile apps that assist with check-in/check-out, to mobile room keys (goodbye dreaded trip to the front desk requesting another key), to placing food orders through the touch of a button, self-service technologies are freeing up employees to focus on

The examples above highlight how technology can augment employee satisfaction. Like with the guest experience, it should complement high touch interactions. When high tech and high touch are combined, the result is more engaged, loyal employees who deliver premium guest experiences 


About the Author:

Mathieu Stevenson is CEO of Snagajob.Since 2000, the company has focused on putting people in right fit-positions so they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives through the Snag marketplace and PeopleMatter, an end-to-end platform of talent and workforce management solutions.

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