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How Pizza Nova Achieved 100% User Growth and a 15x ROI


In an effort to drive repeat footfall and increase sales using marketing technology, Pizza Nova found challenges in building its CRM efficiently. Not only were there obstacles for online customer acquisition, but offline as well with a large majority of them visiting physical locations. Another complication was how to leverage the collected demographic and behavioural information from each customer for intelligent segmentation and targeting. A final challenge was how-to assess the Return On Investment (ROI) for each campaign, both in-store and online, evaluating purchases after a digital campaign had been executed.

Deploying Aislelabs Product Suite
Aislelabs Connect was enabled in all 140 stores through Pizza Nova’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, allowing the chain to collect rich customer data utilizing the in-store guest Wi-Fi. Connect recorded every customer interaction to create unique profiles that are constantly enriched with interests and preferences. Aislelabs Customer Hub consolidated online and in-store data, centralizing customer personas and marketing attributes.


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Aislelabs helped us to create an emotional experience with our customers. We are now able to better anticipate our customer expectations and have built a strong brand loyalty. We are constantly exploring Aislelabs platform to engage with our customers and are keen on sharing our learnings with our peers.
Ali Kiafar Director of IT, Pizza Nova

Pizza Nova was able to leverage various customer touch-points through digital and social marketing campaigns that automatically boosted engagement through comprehensive customer journeys. Aislelabs empowered Pizza Nova’s marketing team to accurately measure and assess repeat footfall and the ROI of each campaign. Through big data analysis, the Aislelabs solution provided insights that pinpointed high-risk customer segments and re-engaged them to return.

The Results
Just 12 months after deploying the Aislelabs product suite, Pizza Nova witnessed impressive results. They were able to build a rich CRM with hundreds of thousands of user opt-ins, serving millions of personalized emails that drove sales. They experienced a 100% User Growth, recorded a 15x ROI on product suite, and increased their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) ten-fold.

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