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How Hotel Operators Can Leverage Self-Service Kiosks and Integrated POS Technology To Deliver a Safe, Streamlined Guest Experience

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers are taking advantage of touch-minimizing technology. Implementing an omnichannel POS system allows hotels to minimize risk and provide a more efficient experience for guests and staff alike.

According to a 2022 report by ReportLinker, the global self-service kiosk market is expected to grow $3.33 billion by 2026, reflecting an increase in post-COVID consumer habits of prioritizing a high-tech, low-touch experience.

An omnichannel, integrated POS platform can leverage this increasing demand, allowing guests to use self-service kiosks to streamline and enhance their experience. In leveraging QR codes for menu viewing, cashless payment options, independent check-in and check-out and at-table kiosk ordering technology, an integrated POS system presents safer, technology-powered, low-touch onsite experiences for guests.

POS Systems Can Streamline Check-In, Dining and More

An integrated POS platform can simplify many hotel processes like check-in, check-out and access to on-site dining, spas and fitness facilities.

86% of restaurants surveyed say they’re leveraging POS data for loyalty programs and for upselling/special offers in 2022, according to HT's 2022 POS Software Trends report

These same operational simplifications naturally create space for guests to have more low-touch experiences. Rather than speaking with hotel staff to schedule an appointment or make a reservation, guests can use kiosks or personal technology to book a spa appointment or dining experience.

When technology is integrated, it’s critical that the guest experience is just as positive as it would be when interfacing with another person. While a strong POS platform reduces the need to be near others and allows guests increased independence, it also streamlines front and back-of-house employee processes, increasing overall efficiency.

These self-service kiosks and POS integrations also ensure each guest’s needs are met as quickly and accurately as possible, reducing the frequency of human error and allowing guests to take advantage of cashless payment options, online reservations and menu browsing in a mode that is convenient for them.

POS Data Can Be Used To Offer Unique Rewards Programs and Promotions

The robust data collected as guests move throughout a hotel using integrated POS platforms allows operators to have the most up-to-date information necessary to cater all offerings to each guest’s unique preferences.

Personalized loyalty programs can be built and executed around this data, but having the information in real-time also lends itself to guests receiving live updates and offers that are relevant to what they are doing at that moment.

Creating a long-term rewards program and leveraging data on individual habits to offer immediate-use rewards allows operators to make the most of the data collected.

With High Tech Solutions, Operations Are Simplified From All Angles

When real-time self-serve options are meshed with the larger-scale big data benefits of ongoing POS integration, guests, front-of-house and back-of-house staff have a smoother experience.

In dining scenarios, offering tableside menu, ordering and payment options decreases the amount of trips a server will take to any guest’s table, and cashless payment options allow guests to pay their tab at their convenience rather than waiting for a physical check.

When a guest schedules a spa service through an integrated channel, they are able to view and apply any perks or offers that have been carefully selected for them, creating higher guest satisfaction and rewards utilization while decreasing the number of manual entries required of staff.

It is no secret that risk-minimization has been a top priority for many in recent years. While this need persists, streamlined processes and efficient delivery are additional benefits that will not go unnoticed by guests.

As the hospitality industry recovers from the consequences of the pandemic and manages a peak in demand, implementing such POS platforms that integrate with self-service kiosks will support hotels in their upward business trajectory and continued positive guest and employee experiences.

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