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How Behavioral Customer Data Is Revolutionizing Foodservice

Sense360, a data insights and consumer intelligence company, released a white paper detailing how restaurant operators can leverage consumer behavioral and attitudinal data to grow their business and gain share in a saturated market.

 Insights Include:

  • Emergence of behavioral data empowers restaurants with a full view of the consumer. The explosion of smartphones, the proliferation of sensors in mobile devices, and the emergence of “always on” location tracking can provide restaurants with behavioral data about the consumer journey. This helps operators obtain a clearer understanding of what, where, when, how and why consumers interact with restaurants, beyond traditional awareness and attitudinal measures. 
  • Instant customer insights. In addition to a robust view of consumer activity, the speed of behavioral and survey data collected from smartphones can prove a key factor in making faster decisions. 
  • Restaurants can use behavioral data to improve nearly every aspect of their businesses. By looking at behavior of the customer segments most likely to frequent their establishments, chains can predict whether buying the shuttered store of another chain could bear fruit rather than cannibalize their existing stores in the area.

Click here to download the white paper.

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