Hotels Tap into Technology for Scent Branding


Hotel Scents is providing cold-air diffusion technology for scenting HVAC systems. Making a first impression is, by its very nature, a one-off opportunity. When it comes to the sense of smell, aromas target the area of the brain associated with emotion and memory. Curated fragrancing of domestic or commercial property ensures the perception of visitors is strategically positioned from the moment they step through the door.

First impressions count, and with the human brain taking mere seconds to form this vital initial viewpoint, it pays to consider the most potent methods by which to create a positive representation. It takes anywhere between 8-27 seconds to make a fundamental judgment about a person or an environment. This is based on a variety of aspects, including aesthetic elements and, very importantly, smell.

The initial first odor and how it’s processed is virtually instant. This is because it’s delivered directly to the most primitive region of the brain—that which controls mood, memory, behavior, and emotion. It’s the only human sense that has this instant connection, and therefore plays a crucial role in that all-important first impression.

So how vital is it to get it right? The simple answer is that in both the domestic and business environment, first impressions are essential. Consider that of a store, hotel, or anywhere that it’s necessary to entice customers to enter and, even more crucially, return. The perception of those people is hugely influenced in those first few vital seconds, and the pervading smell is a huge factor. Generally, the human reaction to smell occurs subconsciously—and this is what makes it such a powerful method of inducing that vital first impression.

Multiple studies prove that consumer behaviors can be influenced by a pleasant aroma. That’s the very reason luxury hotels smell so gorgeous and why a gentle aromatic air pervades the interior of spas. Stores can utilize bespoke fragrances to represent their products, inspire reactions, such as an intent to browse, and even create a link between their customized scent and the brand or product—a concept known as “scent branding”.

When it comes to home spaces, individual rooms can be fragranced according to the actions likely to be carried out in them. The use of aromas known to induce relaxation, such as lavender, would work well in the bedroom. Kitchens, of course, smell gorgeous when imbibed with aromas that bring about thoughts of mouth-watering culinary creation, and living areas benefit from the freshness of scents such as white tea and mint. The art can be embraced for personal enjoyment and well-being, carefully curated when entertaining, and can be a strategically important aspect of real estate marketing, creating just the right atmosphere to ensure a property remains at the forefront of the minds of prospective purchasers.

Long gone are the days when the only choice for aromatic perfection was that of candles, reeds, or chemical-induced plugins. Today technology brings us the wonder of the HVAC scent diffuser machine, a method of bringing about uniform scenting using a process known as Cold-Air Diffusion. This ensures the delicate structure of the essential oils remain intact, not to mention being virtually maintenance-free and working through an existing HVAC system within a house or business premises.

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