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Hotel Saves More Than $100K with Smart Energy Management

Galt House Hotel has a rich history of energy-efficient innovation. Already home to the largest geothermal heat-pump system in the United States, the Louisville, KY-based hotel required an energy management system that would integrate seamlessly with the hotel’s existing – and future--technology investments.  The hotel has 1290 rooms and the customer challenges included: integrating energy management system with existing and future technology; automating proactive maintenance for HVAC systems; and installing a network infrastructure and thermostats with minimal room downtime.

For Slater Coe, Director of Operations at Galt House Hotel, Telkonet’s  EcoSmart quickly emerged as the best fit.  “We sought to install energy management technology that would adapt as the hotel’s needs, and our customer’s needs, evolve,” said Coe.

Technology Integration Maximizes Operations Efficiency
At Galt House Hotel, EcoSmart currently integrates with Infor HMS, a property management system, and HotSOS, a work order tracking solution. Using data from Infor HMS to identify rooms as Sold or Unsold, EcoSmart treats Unsold rooms with additional energy conservation measures to offer considerable savings without affecting guest comfort. The connection to HotSOS enables Galt House Hotel to automatically add proactive maintenance recommendations from EcoCentral Virtual Engineer to the existing maintenance workflow--which helps prevent guests from ever experiencing an HVAC issue.

“EcoSmart functions well within our day-to-day operations to assist us in improving operational efficiency, and ultimately, improving the guest experience,” Coe said.

Savings Results
Once the property selected EcoSmart, Telkonet completed the initial installation in a matter of weeks--just in time for Galt House Hotel, the Official Hotel of the Kentucky Derby®, to welcome guests during “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.”

After the EcoSmart installation, annual guestroom electricity costs at Galt House Hotel dropped 39%, from $261,733 to $160,467. With Louisville poised to become a premier tourism destination in the United States--travel guide publisher Lonely Planet named the city its top 2013 travel destination--Galt House Hotel is prepared to offer a seamless, comfortable guest experience.

“Telkonet’s EcoSmart energy management enables Galt House Hotel to continue a decades-long trend of technological innovation to improve the guest experience. Before selecting an energy management system, we had a checklist of requirements, including: maximize our energy efficiency, improve our proactive maintenance capability, and offer guests a hotel stay uninterrupted by temperature or HVAC issues. Ultimately, we selected EcoSmart, and I am very pleased with the decision--EcoSmart exceeds our expectations on all counts.”
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