Hotel Management Company Keeps Guests Connected with Support from Comcast Business

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Deep Blue Communications, a Comcast Business company, announced a partnership with Island Hospitality Management to provide a reliable managed Wi-Fi solution for 10,623 rooms in 16 hotels across 21 states and the District of Columbia, helping the hotel management company to reduce operational complexities, lower costs, and keep guests better connected.

Since its founding in 1986, Island Hospitality Management — an independent, third-party hotel management company headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida — has aimed to accommodate ever-changing guest needs. For the last decade-plus, this has meant easy access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi from anywhere in a hotel.

The company manages 144 hotels across all major brands, so Wi-Fi vendors must be certified according to each individual hotel brand’s standards. After Island Hospitality’s list of approved Wi-Fi providers has grown to eight separate organizations, it needed a consolidated solution to reduce the complexities associated with multiple vendors. Deep Blue Communications — a Comcast Business company that combines the power and reliability of Comcast Business’ advanced technology with award-winning managed Wi-Fi solutions — was one of the few vendors in the industry certified with multiple hotel brands, including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Wyndham.

Consolidating vendors and using Deep Blue Communications as one of its preferred Wi-Fi solution vendors has saved Island Hospitality Management on its monthly maintenance and monitoring costs and allows it to provide guests with reliable uptime, giving them the high-speed Wi-Fi access they need to stay connected.

“Island Hospitality’s goal is to achieve superior results for its owners through our unique approach to hospitality management, and that includes providing guests with a seamless way to stay in touch with work and family via reliable in-hotel Wi-Fi,” said Marc Winer, VP of Hotel Technology. “By partnering with Deep Blue Communications and Comcast Business, we gained access to not only a reliable Wi-Fi solution, but also their vast knowledge of the hospitality industry and its standards.”

“As the hospitality industry is faced with heightened guest expectations and a challenging economic climate, hotels must rely on technology to deliver great customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage through improved operations,” said Brian Epstein, CEO, Deep Blue Communications, a Comcast Business company. “With our support, Island Hospitality Management has freed up its management team to focus on the higher goals of guest service and customer satisfaction while being confident that guests have access to reliable Wi-Fi throughout their hotel.”

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