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Hotel Company Offers Superior Internet Access with Connectivity Suite

Raymond Management Company has selected Comcast Business Ethernet, Business Trunks and Hospitality HDTV for five hotel properties in greater Chicago and two in Ann Arbor, Mich., an inventory of approximately 1,000 rooms serving both business and vacation travelers. The services Comcast is providing to Raymond Management Company are part of Comcast Business Hospitality, a newly launched integrated product suite customized to the specific needs of the hospitality industry.
Raymond Management Company is recognized as one of the Midwest’s premiere hospitality real estate development and management companies with a current portfolio of 28 hotels under management with an additional four properties now under construction. Both business and vacation travelers are increasingly relying on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to stay connected to work, family and friends, and with Comcast’s scalable bandwidth, Raymond Management Company is able to offer superior Internet access to all of its customers. The additional Internet and voice capability of Comcast’s services also means the company’s hotels can host larger events in its meeting rooms, a key business benefit in a competitive market. In addition, by leveraging Comcast for multiple services across a number of its properties, Raymond Management Company benefits from having a single provider for all of its communication needs.
Raymond Management Company is using Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet to provide its properties with reliable, high-performance bandwidth that can easily scale up to meet increased demand while Business Trunks provides crystal-clear voice quality with features like voicemail and three-way conferencing.  Comcast’s Hospitality HDTV provides HD networks to hotel guests in an efficient and easy-to-manage way for hotel companies like Raymond Management Company.
Comcast’s broad portfolio of services, high-performance network and reliable customer service make it uniquely suited to support the needs of the hospitality industry. The company’s recently launched Comcast Business Hospitality, a new product suite consisting of Ethernet, Internet, video and voice services packaged in one integrated offering, is available across Comcast’s entire service area and enables hotels to leverage advanced technology from a single provider to improve the guest experience, streamline back-office operations and manage costs. Moreover, the services scale quickly to meet growing business needs, seasonal demands and other peak usage periods.
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