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Homestyle Dining to Tackle Biz Intel Challenge: 10 POS Systems across 200 Stores

Homestyle Dining LLC of Plano, TX is the parent company and franchisor for more than 200 Ponderosa and Bonanza Steakhouses spread over two continents. Their restaurants use more than ten different POS systems on a variety of hardware to collect sales and transaction data.
When CEO Tom Sacco and CMO Jon Rice decided to consolidate, integrate and analyze their data, they had some tough criteria: the restaurant business intelligence solution system must be able to collect, integrate, analyze and communicate their disparate data, while also being user-friendly, flexible, and reasonably priced.
Sacco and his team are working with MIRUS Restaurant Solutions of Houston, TX. Currently, Homestyle has been cutting and pasting Excel spreadsheets for restaurant reporting and analysis. As CEO Sacco put it, “We have a lot of moving parts with our two legacy brands that span five decades. It’s time for us to start lassoing them and making all our data work for us, not against us. The way we go about our business today is much more difficult than it needs to be. We want to make it easy for our operations and marketing teams, as well as our franchise marketing committee to analyze and assess new and existing product mix and measure check average impact from promotions concepts that we are looking at.”
The goal is for Mirus to bridge Homestyle’s various systems, as well as provide their franchisees and senior management with customizable analytical tools that deliver restaurant exception-based reporting results and dashboards quickly to the right people.
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