HITEC: Larkspur Hotel Chain Expands Relationship with SoftBrands

Larkspur Landing Hotel has just completed its implementation of SoftBrands HMS V1.0 at its Hillsboro, Oregon location. Larkspur chose HMS V1.0 due to its industry-specific functionality, providing unmatched options for stability and scalability within the hospitality marketplace.
Larkspur Hotel & Restaurants owns and/or manages 23 hotels globally and chose its Hillsboro location as the first site for SoftBrands HMS V1.0.
Larkspur has worked with SoftBrands throughout the years, establishing a positive relationship that contributed to the decision to move forward with the HMS project. The HMS solutions’ intuitive nature and hospitality-specific functionality will provide Larkspur with the framework to create dynamic “guest experience” packages, enabling guests to personalize their own hotel stay experiences.
Additional functionality of SoftBrands HMS includes:
  • One single database deployment of traditional multiple property PMS and CRS functionality.
  • Guest recognition with the ability to determine the guests’ lifetime value each time a reservation or check-in screen is displayed to a user.
  • Screen designer that allows the hotel to design their own screen layouts to fit their business requirements.
  • Multiple deployment options including traditional on-property or hosted in a private cloud or the Infor cloud.
  • Better usability with the systems single screen design that allows users to access the information they need from one single screen.
  • Interfaces which are available via the existing SoftBrands Liaison product, providing the opportunity to use existing interfaces that have already been developed for other SoftBrands products.
“We have completed the training and implementation of the SoftBrands HMS application and we are extremely pleased with the Infor SoftBrands team and the product’s functionality. It is innovative, versatile and adaptable,” says Amy Healy, general manager, Larkspur Landing Hillsboro. “With any new product, we expected surprises and the only surprises have been “good” surprises. Surprised at what the system is capable of and how it has effectively helped to streamline our business.”
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