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HITEC 2016 NEWS: Hotel Internet Services Unveils Expanded BeyondTV Capabilities, Including Wireless Casting and HDMI Porting

Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of Internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the release of new features and enhancements to its proprietary BeyondTV solution. The fully integrated wireless streaming guestroom entertainment system, BeyondTV will now be  equipped with the ability to wirelessly broadcast cloud-based subscription content directly onto a guestroom television from a guest's own smart device. Also new to the solution is an HDMI port, a feature that allows guests to plug in personal electronics without having to struggle with television HDMI ports that may already be in use or difficult to access. 
By allowing hotel guests to wirelessly stream locally stored content such as videos or photos from personal devices, BeyondTV's newest ability allows users to cast their favorite subscription services, such as Hulu, YouTube or HBO, directly from their mobile devices. With such functionality now provided as an option, guests are no longer required to enter login credentials for each streaming account when using BeyondTV; further ensuring the protection of guest data and providing a service that is even more streamlined and user-friendly.
With the addition of an HDMI port to the BeyondTV platform, both guests and properties can also save time and resources when connecting electronics, such as DVD players, gaming consoles, computers and other devices to a guestroom television. Otherwise often involving the need to dispatch an engineer to disconnect hotel equipment already using television HDMI ports, the BeyondTV HDMI port provides a quick and easy way to circumvent such inconvenience by always having a port specifically designated for guest use. Able to automatically detect the connection of a device to its HDMI port, BeyondTV now comes included with a connection wizard designed to make guest attempts at viewing their device on a guestroom television as effortless as possible. For properties seeking a way to offset decreases in revenue as a result of declining video on demand sales, BeyondTV additionally provides the option of monetizing the HDMI port by charging guests a fee for its use.
In addition to being a secure and convenient online streaming solution, BeyondTV allows users to view social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter on guestroom televisions. Guests can also make requests for hotel amenities such as room service, restaurant reservations and valet parking, generating additional revenue for the property. Crucial to providing hoteliers with a platform that will be successfully adopted by guests, BeyondTV's built-in security measures ensure that all user login and password information is continuously protected. Unlike Smart TVs, each BeyondTV platform operates on a guestroom's private network and automatically deletes all user information upon guest checkout. For added peace-of-mind, guests can also manually delete personal data at any time with the click of the TV remote.
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