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HITEC 2015 NEWS: Aimbridge Hospitality Selects Yooz to Streamline Travel and Expenses Workflow in the Cloud

 Aimbridge Hospitality has selected  Yooz to faster and more efficiently capture and process all travel and expense (T&E) documents throughout its multi-brand, multi-location organization. Using the T&E process that is part of the full AP automation suite by Yooz, Aimbridge will be able to capture, approve and initiate payment of the T&E reports of its employees. This move toward a cloud-based financial workflow dramatically reduces cycle time and processing costs. Aimbridge has approximately 300 hotels under management, varying from limited service hotels to full-scale resorts.  Aimbridge manages for all major hotel brands as well as independents.
Yooz lets companies update the time-consuming, manual entry of travel and expenses reports, bringing almost instant gains in efficiency and visibility to the financial workflow. As a pure cloud-based service with no upfront investment in new hardware or software, Yooz is the most cost-effective and efficient way to capture all relevant documents, including purchase orders and paper invoices. Traveling staff can now interact with T&E documents in a timely manner and monitor processing activities and managers’ approvals anytime, anywhere.
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