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HITEC 2014: Simon Konover Company Leverages BI; Gives GMs Reports to Achieve Plan Every Day

The Simon Konover Company develops, builds, owns, and manages an extensive portfolio of hotels, office buildings, and residential properties. Konover Hotel Corporation, a subsidiary of The Simon Konover Co., was an early adopter of Aptech business intelligence (BI) before the systems were widely accepted in hospitality. Today, Konover Hotel Corp. (KHC) uses BI to give its GMs comprehensive performance data reports that make them better managers.
“Konover Hotel Corporation first applied BI technology in 2007. We added 15 properties to our hotel group and immediately saw that our existing systems were not up to the daily job of data gathering, analysis, and reporting,” said Linda Valvo, corporate controller for The Simon Konover Co. “At the time, we used Excel and other generic business software. We researched systems as we grew and installed Aptech’s Execuvue® Business intelligence to automate property data collection and analysis. We also use Aptech’s Webvue® enterprise back office for all our hotels. Property management based on accurate, timely operating data is essential for KHC. Now we have this information in our managers’ hands every day.”  
Execuvue automatically generates comprehensive flash reports for properties by 8:00 a.m. The system collects a wide variety of data from diverse systems at each property, then tracks and analyzes it. Execuvue automatically generates multiple reports which the accountants distribute to our properties and KHC management. GMs have a daily flash report in their hands by 8:00 a.m. to help them manage by the numbers.
One point of access delivers 'performance picture' for entire portfolio. KHC placed all its properties on one financial platform for a single point of data access. Execuvue provides one version of the ‘performance picture’ for the entire portfolio.
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