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HIS White Paper Finds Poor Wi-Fi Connectivity Linked to Hallway Access Points

Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of Internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, announced the release of a new white paper, outlining how hoteliers can affordably implement Wi-Fi networks that are capable of meeting today's increasingly high guest needs and expectations. Titled "Bringing Hotel Wi-Fi Up to Speed with Guest Expectations," the white paper pinpoints common causes of poor connectivity: hallway access points (APs) used to transmit Wi-Fi signals, Often prone to causing signal interruption due to competing APs transmitting on other floors, or providing weak signal strength due to shorter antennas used in modern devices, hallway APs have become associated with dropped connections and lagging speed. 
Hoteliers can overcome such issues when upgrading their networks using in-room access points. With their ability to provide a much closer signal source, along with being immune to interference by using a hotel's own infrastructure to limit competing signal exposure, in-room APs should be considered by hotels wanting to guarantee a seamless online experience. However, hoteliers are often concerned that in-room Aps could be tampered with or stolen by guests. Newer models address these concerns with their small size, so that they go virtually unnoticed by hotel guests, and come with a casing designed to prevent unauthorized handling or theft. They can be rebooted remotely without disturbing guests.
And not every room need have an in-room AP. For the more budget conscious hotelier, an in-room AP can potentially cover three to six guestrooms and still provide users with a high quality online experience. While installing in-room APs nonetheless necessitates buying more units, hoteliers should consider the fact that hallways APs are typically sold at a significantly higher price individually and offer lower quality service.
To download a copy of HIS' white paper on in-room access point technology, please visit: 
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