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Hilton Worldwide Looks to Telkonet for Energy Management

Hilton Worldwide has given the okay for Telkonet, to partner through their online Suppliers’ Connection. The Suppliers' Connection allows Hilton franchisees, as wells as their designers and contractors, to view vendor information relating to designing, building and equipping a hotel. All those listed in the database must meet extensive criteria prior to inclusion.

Hilton Worldwide’s senior director of engineering, Mr. Norm Nelson, provided a written nomination recommending Telkonet’s EcoSmart line of energy management technology for addition to the Suppliers’ Connection.

With Telkonet’s Recovery Time technology, Hilton managers will be able to capture energy savings without compromising guest comfort. By controlling the amount of time it takes an unoccupied room to recover to the guest setpoint once reoccupied, the EcoSmart system typically yields energy reductions ranging from 25%-45%. 

Kerry Burnett, Hilton Worldwide Vendor Relations representative, says, “We value the excellent product and exemplary service that Telkonet provides to the hospitality industry.”

Hilton Worldwide, the world’s leading hospitality company, operates ten hospitality brands with more than 3,750 hotels across 85 countries. Telkonet has installed energy management systems in several Hilton properties, and hopes to introduce EcoSmart technology on a broader scale in the coming years.
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