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Hilton Anatole Reduces Event Planning Process from a Week to 3 Days


Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the Hilton Anatole. Boasting 1606 guest rooms and more than 600,000 square feet of meeting space, the upscale property welcomes a constant stream of conferences, conventions, meetings and events. Featuring a sprawling 7-acre outdoor park, $35 million art collection and water park, this urban oasis in downtown Dallas is the perfect setting for groups of all sizes to meet, connect and collaborate.

Managing a large-scale events operation at a mega hotel like Hilton Anatole requires multiple departments and a large staff who all need to communicate in real-time. Moving things through the organization quickly, while staying organized and aligned as a team is critical to pulling this off, said Adam Steen, Senior Events Manager for Hilton Anatole.

“Being efficient is crucial in the hospitality business,” Steen said.

As such, the hotel needed a platform to facilitate speeding up internal processes, so employees could connect and move fast together to orchestrate first-class events. With Getplanning by Cendyn, Hilton Anatole gained a project management tool that helped the hotel’s team improve efficiency by over 50%.

“We found Getplanning cut the process down to 3 days from a week plus,” Steen said.

Staff bid farewell to their 3-ring binders as the Cendyn solution ushered in a new electronic area. 100% PCI compliant, Cendyn’s software enables file sharing, comments and milestones across the event lifecycle.

“It’s really streamlined things," he added. "We’ve seen a huge improvement.”

Ease of use

The entire hotel staff swiftly took to using the tool. Getplanning’s elegant design and clean user interface made user adoption a breeze.

“I find it incredibly easy to navigate,” Steen said. “It quickly solved so many challenges that we faced in staying organized before.”


Getplanning helped Hilton Anatole modernize event management, stripping away outdated processes and increasing agility amongst the hotel’s teams.

“Things don’t sit on desks anymore,” Steen said. “Getplanning has really helped us drive efficiency.”


Everything is where it should be and is accessible to whoever needs it, instantly.

“I don’t even have to get on my computer," he explained. "If I need to refer to a contract, it’s at my fingertips. I can pull things up and answer questions easily. With the Getplanning app, it’s all on my phone.”


Conservations are no longer in silos, which means no more misunderstandings, lost emails, or being left out of the loop.

“Information and files flow through departments," Steen added. "Getplanning makes communications clear and concise.”

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