Hennessey's Tavern Launches Ctuit Radar for Above Store Intelligence

Hennessey’s Tavern, Inc., owners of dining and drinking establishments that emphasize good food and ambience, implemented Ctuit Radar. The web-based solution collects detailed critical data from stores and provides management above store intelligence to better understand its business.
As Hennessey’s Tavern, Inc. continued to expand, a more formal IT structure was needed to accommodate multiple sites. The management team set goals to unify the stores including combining databases, improving structural IT issues and deploying a formal e-mail system. Once unification goals were achieved, Ctuit was deployed to provide overall above store reporting and business insight.
Hennessey’s Tavern, Inc. has had many successes with Ctuit Radar. Since employees connect directly to Radar via the “cloud,” security access cannot be compromised. The solution speeds up IT’s operations by providing the means to generate and distribute store reports easily. Also, Radar gives store managers the ability to run daily reports to analyze critical information and then take the appropriate initiative to improve operations.
“Hennessey’s identified a methodology, established a process and implemented a solution for our IT needs. With the structure in place, we deployed Ctuit Radar across all of our stores,” says Daniel Randa, IT manager, Hennessey’s Tavern, Inc. “Ctuit exceeded our expectations. Not only did we receive valuable store information online but also, we can access the information remotely and see it on our iPads.”
Ctuit Radar is a complete above-store, BI, Analytical and Financial reporting tool that gives the entire management team deep insight and control to quickly identify trends and operational issues. Ctuit Radar users make informed, fact-based decisions critical to success.
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