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Has Your Hotel's Storage Management System Gone Digital?

From signing off on purchase orders to monitoring supply inventory, software is both speeding up and making this process more accurate.
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Any hotel Owner/General Manager knows the importance of going digital, but transitioning can be tedious, especially when it comes to storage facilities and storage management systems.  Those of us who were around in the pre-digital age are more aware of the various processes involved, from checking off the goods as they are delivered and physically signing off on the invoice to physically tagging and storing and logging the items! 

Thankfully, technology has brought about positive changes in the way storage units are managed via Software for Storage Management, or Management System Software for Hotels.

A Brief Overview of Software for Storage Management

Software for storage management essentially refers to a system that enables storage owners (in this case not a storage business, but rather hotel storage facilities) Storeroom Managers, Hotel Owners, and all other relevant staff, the ability to access information at any time and manage their units remotely.

Storage Management System remote access includes signing off on purchase orders sent in by the various departments and being able to process invoices and sign off on payments with the click of a button. This process offers better control and monitoring of supplies, improved efficiency, and increased productivity. It also provides quicker processing and transmitting of relevant information to accounts and the kitchen, and it frees staff so they can focus on guest interactions or other important functions.

Storage Management System - Additional Features

Other features of Storage Management System Software for hotels include:

   Online Reservation - Departments will be able to scroll through to see what storage units are available and book a vacant unit through the software for storage management.

   Gate Access Integration - More advanced software for hotel packages include the ability to assign each staff member unique access codes that allow them access to specific restricted areas and allows the manager or owner to restrict staff access to other areas.  The owner/manager has the ability to withdraw access grants at any time with the click of a button.

   Facility Maps - With some storage management systems, hotel operators will have the ability to create interactive facility maps showing the location, availability, and specification of storage units, thereby making it quicker and easier for management staff to identify suitable storage without going on a physical hunt. 

   Automation of Manual Tasks - Billing, invoicing, sending payment reminders, or even making notes for others to see that items have been moved (by whom and where to) can be done via the management system.

   Monitoring of Business Performance - Real-time reporting functionality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) reporting, business intelligence, up-to-date reports… with all these key functions covered, hotel owners can use this software to address challenges and take corrective action in real time.

   Manage Multiple Facilities – Software can track availability of, and manage, multiple storage units.

The relationship between the Hotel Property Management System and the Software for Storage Management

Some management systems employ cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, allowing business operators to digitally store client information, track their interactions, and provide an easy digitized way for clients to give feedback about the service they receive. CRM software allows businesses to learn more about, and cater to the needs of, the customer throughout the duration of the customer lifecycle.  Integrated Management Systems (IMS) allow business operators to defy location barriers to updating information and notifies all the relevant parties simultaneously with updates (eliminating the need for persons to manually relay information). The IMS would encompass digitized processes that allows communication across departments, while ensuring information safety (like ensuring that only relevant parties have access to sensitive information).  Both the CRM and the IMS can be powered by an AI analytical system which will work to provide the best software for a hotel possible.

This key relationship is made even greater through its ability to link with the Software for Storage Management System.  It is possible to have one software provider and multiple software systems intertwined and working cohesively to provide the best overall business picture via an analytical system that provides real-time stats based on one’s actual business.

Storage management system software for hotels does not have to be a chaotic process of trying to link a separate app to one’s existing software in order to manage storage facilities at your hotel.  Search for providers that offer a comprehensive software for storage management that falls under the same umbrella of overall software for hotels.  One software provider, multiple software systems, all intertwined and working cohesively to provide the best software for hotels.



Gjermund Damgaard works within the sales and marketing department at Booking Ninjas. Before joining the Booking Ninjas team, he spent several years as an electrician, working behind the scenes with a variety of systems and programs both online and more local on different machines. He developed a desire for technological advances and property management for business which led to him going full into the SEO space.

Driven by this passion, Gjermund makes use of his deep understanding of how these systems work and employs this in helping property management businesses create an online presence backed with years of experience and the most advanced technology.

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