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Harbortouch and Tabbedout Team to Integrate Mobile Payments with POS

Harbortouch and Tabbedout have announced that they have joined forces to deliver a uniquely integrated solution combining the benefits of Harbortouch’s touch-screen POS systems with the mobile payment, loyalty and customer management features developed by Tabbedout.
This integrated solution will be deployed to all existing Harbortouch Hospitality POS systems and will be included with all new Hospitality POS deployments going forward. This partnership means that more than 135 million U.S. consumers with smartphones have an instant and secure way to pay bar and restaurant tabs at over 10,000 Harbortouch locations nationwide, a number that is rapidly increasing. It also means merchants who use the Harbortouch POS system will now have the most advanced mobile payment, customer loyalty and marketing solution available today.
Tabbedout was built for merchants that want to generate revenue growth for their business and create a more secure and customer focused guest experience. With the Tabbedout/Harbortouch collaboration, merchants can spend more time serving food and drinks to their patrons instead of closing out checks, which means more revenue to their bottom line. Additionally, this unique integrated solution provides a way for merchants to connect with their customers, increasing customer loyalty and driving more visits to their location through targeted offers and a streamlined, secure guest checkout. The app also drives traffic to the participating merchants through its local search feature. In addition to the merchant benefits, Tabbedout was also built for consumers who want more control of the guest experience, and prefer to use a more secure payment process when they are in restaurants and bars.
In addition, all Harbortouch Hospitality POS and Tabbedout merchants will have access to the recently released merchant marketing solution, Periscope, which gives merchants unrivaled visibility into who their customers are, how often they come in, and their purchase history. This marketing solution is seamlessly integrated into the merchant’s Harbortouch POS system and complements the advanced reporting functionality offered by the POS system itself. Moreover, Periscope gives merchants an ability to instantly respond to customers’ feedback real-time, while they are still in venue. Lastly, Periscope enables Harbortouch merchants to create unparalleled marketing campaigns delivered to their customers’ mobile phones.
Harbortouch offers its touch-screen POS systems through an unprecedented “free” program which allows qualifying retail and hospitality merchants to obtain the company’s full-featured, all-in-one Elite POS system, high speed printer and numerous other POS accessories with no up-front costs. The only requirements to the merchant are a payment processing agreement and low cost service agreement. Each package also comes with custom programmed software, professional installation and on-site training.  

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